Alchemical Fire Pendant
Alchemical Fire Pendant

Alchemical Fire Pendant

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The upward pointing triangle is the symbol for alchemical fire.  One of the four classical elements, fire symbolises the 'fiery' emotions - love, hate, passion, compassion, empathy, anger, etc.

The symbolism of the upward-pointing triangle symbolises rising energy.  The element is sometimes represented by a sword or knife; when paired with the chalice of water, it is referred to as the blade.

The grand objects of the alchemical art were the discovery of a process by which the baser metals might be transmuted into gold and silver; and the discovery of an elixir by which life might be prolonged indefinitely.  Religiously, the transmutation of metals can be thought of as a symbol of the transmutation of the self to a higher consciousness and the discovery of the elixir as an affirmation of eternal life.

Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Plated Sterling Silver.

Material: Sterling Silver

Item Fit / Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm

Made In: United Kingdom